The standard Homeowners policy excludes flood, which is why we offer Flood insurance. The right policy can protect you against losses resulting from soggy situations.


We’ll keep you from getting all washed up.


“It never rains in California” is far from accurate. And while raging waters don’t happen every day, floods can occur in Orange County, San Diego County, and adjacent area – and the standard Homeowners policy excludes this event.

That’s why Blackwell Insurance Agency offers Flood insurance, because the right policy can protect you against losses resulting from heavy rains, flood surges, snow melts, storm drain backups, and other soggy situations.

Our resident experts can show you how Flood insurance is a powerful bridge to safety, protecting your home from the unforeseen damages of a sudden flood.

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  • Standard Coverage: If you reside in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, you may be eligible to cover yourself with a standard Flood insurance policy. You may apply for building coverage and contents coverage separately, if desired.
  • Preferred Risk Flood Coverage: Residential or commercial buildings located in a low or moderate risk zone are more likely to be affected by small rather than large floods. These buildings may qualify for a relatively low-cost preferred risk policy

We build custom protection plans that fit your unique needs.