Homeowners Insurance


There is no place like home. And, as one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make, your home needs a solid insurance plan that offers protection from all kinds of unforeseen events.


Don’t be unprotected for the unexpected!

Building Comprehensive & Affordable Insurance Plans since 1960

Our team has decades of experience in helping homeowners in Orange County and throughout California protect their biggest investment. We work with some of the most respected insurance companies in the nation in obtaining the best possible policy for you, at the most competitive price. Simply give us your information and the features you want, and we can start constructing the right plan for you. Along the way, we’ll share valuable tips, such as how to create an inventory of your possessions using photos or video – it’s a great way to document what you own.

Give Blackwell Insurance Agency a call at (949) 421-0222, or email us, or complete our quick and easy form for a free quote. And remember, combining your Orange County homeowners insurance coverage with your Auto insurance qualifies you for a multi-policy discount!


Replacement Value of Your Home

Extended Replacement Cost coverage can be added to your policy, ensuring your home is rebuilt to its pre-loss appearance with the same standards and quality of materials used originally.

Personal Property Coverage

Optional Replacement Value coverage ensures your personal property is replaced at full value – so no matter how old your items are, no deductions for depreciation apply. 

Personal Liability

The appropriate amount of Personal Liability coverage to include in your policy may vary depending on the value of any assets you may own. We can help you determine what you need.

Special Coverages

If you have high-risk assets such as fences, pools, outbuildings, etc., they may have only minimal coverage under a standard Homeowners policy. We can help ensure you have sufficient protection. 

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We help our clients build protection plans that fit their unique needs.